Workshop Coffee Co., Fitzrovia – London

The 2nd cafe on my visiting list for the morning is Workshop Coffee Co. outlet in Fitzrovia. Actually their main cafe is the one at Clerkenwell, near to St Paul’s Cathedral – where I was at earlier the day. Since we were only having coffee we reckon it’s more convenient to visit the coffeebar in Fitzrovia so that we could also visit Kaffeine in the same area.

Workshop Coffee Co_01

As the branch was indicated as a coffeebar, there is limited seating capacity at the shop – about 3 tiny coffeetables and some wall mounted benches, all of which were fully occupied. Some standing spaces available at the bar and as we were running slightly short of time for our lunch appointment, we simply stood by one of the ledge to finish our flat white. I guess most of their customers would pop-by for a quick drink or to get a drink to-go.

The drink was good but I didn’t like the ambience nor is it a place to hang around for long…So those who are looking for a cafe to read a good book – try their main outlet in Clerkenwell which accepts reservation online and serves a proper breakfast/lunch/dinner menus.

Photos taken earlier:

St Pauls_01

Pleased with the shot of St Paul’s from One New Change. Though unfortunately they were cleaning the facade with the equipment on the left-side…

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