★ Alimentum, Cambridge

Being the last meal we get to enjoy in UK before we fly to Iceland (where we read quite a few articles about their unique food options), we made plans to have a good meal at Alimentum – a 1 Michelin star restaurant in Cambridge. While planning the itinerary for the trip, we thought there should be sufficient time to enjoy our lunch leisurely since we have 7 hours to spare before our flight at Heathrow. However after our past experiences dining in London, compounded by unpleasant memories of Heathrow airport, slow traffic on the Motorway etc…we started to fret about facing a slightly tight schedule… Afterall, we only estimated lunch session to be 1.5 hours but soon realised that the average time we took to finish lunch in London was 2.5 hours.

While we were led to the dining area, I was slightly relieved that the place wasn’t packed to the brim. With the manageable capacity, I reckoned that the service time between each of our courses shouldn’t take too long. We decided to have a 3-course lunch, hoping to keep the lunch hours short and target to finish within 2 hours max.

As usual, one of us had the fixed-price lunch menu and another had dishes from the ala carte menu. Pre-meal snacks were served, didn’t really catch what it was cos I was too distracted by the menu. I guess time flies when you have difficult decisions to make when choosing what dishes to eat, by the time we finalise our menu it was already 2pm.


I did caught the other amuse bouche – pickled mushroom and fermented mushroom puree. Very unique flavours, I’ve never tried fermented mushroom before but found this really nice. The ecume was extremely light and airy.

Our first course was served at 2.30pm. From the ala carte menu – Lobster Savarin, orange salad, tomato and lobster sauce and from the fixed price menu – Pig’s Head Terrine, smoked pineapple, bacon jam, apple and hazelnut. The lobster sauce was a tad too savoury for my liking while the terrine dish was more palatable on my taste bud. The different textures and flavours were well represented with the crunchy apples, nutty hazelnut and the tangy pineapple.


For mains, we had Sea Bass Cauliflower, langoustine, goats cheese and Pedro Ximenez from the ala carte menu and Venison Haunch, suet pudding, carrot and spinach from the fixed price menu. I really enjoyed the Sea Bass which was perfectly cooked, with crispy skin and firm meat. However I didn’t enjoy the suet pudding…This dish seemed to be a popular choice at the restaurant as I seen it served very frequently, so I guessed my disappointment with the dish could be my lack of appreciation for British cuisine. Don’t quite like the mushy texture nor the overly savoury gravy…


By 3.10pm we were enjoying our refreshing palate cleanser of lime granita. Followed by dessert of Chocolate Fondant, raspberry and caramel from the ala carte menu and Pistacho Cake, polenta and rhubarb. Absolutely enjoyed the wonderfully rich chocolate, well-balanced with the sweet fondant and slightly acid flavour of the raspberry. Although the cake was also quite nice, I was totally blown away by Chocolate where fire (hot chocolate) meets ice (sorbet) in each mouthful.

Our receipt showed that we settled our bill at 3.28pm, right on time! Now we have 3 hours to complete a supposedly 1.5 hours drive to the airport. *Keeping our fingers crossed that traffic will be smooth, GPS guides us to the right way*

Photos taken earlier the day around the picturesque Cambridge city centre, there were picture opportunities at every turn!


Good that we stayed near the city centre and managed to do the walking tour early morning before hordes of tourist crowd arrive!


King’s College Chapel (front & back view)


A pity that there was a plastic bottle left as rubbish on the well-manicured lawn.


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