Chocolat Chocolat, Cambridge

After watching Livepool match, we stayed overnight in Liverpool city before starting our “Stadium-hopping day” covering Anfield and Old Trafford. The long journey meant that we didn’t have much time to eat a proper sit-down meal, but we completed our sight-seeing and ended our day in Cambridge late evening around 8.30pm.

After check-in to our hotel, we went to a nearby pub – The Free Press Pub, hoping to get a nice warm dinner only to be notified that the kitchen was closed at 9pm. Only managed to get 2 pints of beer to fill our tummy. Nonetheless, it was an interesting experience at the place which was filled with rather studious-looking folks enjoying their friday night-out. We felt as if we walked into the living room set of “The Big Bang Theory”…There was a group playing Monopoly in the pub!

The Free Press Pub_01

Driven by hunger, we decided to walk to the main street to look for local mart to get some biscuits/snacks. As we strolled back to our hotel, resigned to our fate of having to cook one of the 4 precious Tom Yum cup noodles that we brought from Singapore for the trip and bags of potato chips for dinner, we saw the lights of Pizza Hut still on! Keeping our fingers crossed, we went in to ask if the kitchen was still opened. Thankfully they were and we had a filling meal before we go to sleep.

Started our next day with a refreshing morning walk around the city centre. Found Chocolat Chocolat and got a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows. =) The hot chocolate was rich, smooth and thick, a comforting drink in the chilly weather. After the hiccups from the dinner adventure the night before, we finally found something that was really satisfying in Cambridge, hope my lunch place – Alimentum would turn out to be a good choice as well.

Chocolat Chocolat_01

 Photos taken from Liverpool-Manchester-Cambridge:

Liverpool stadium tour_01

Stadium tour at Anfield – 10.30am

Manchester United stadium tour_01

Stadium tour at Old Trafford – 2.30pm

Best Western Gonville_01

Accom for the night. It was a nice place at a convenient location but pretty ex considering that we only checked in at 8.30pm (thou allowable time was 2pm) and official checkout time is at 11am. They are also quite stringent with check-out as they only extend it for free for 1 hour and we paid £15 for an extra hour to have the room till 1pm.

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