Geysir Glima Restaurant, Iceland

Arrived at Reykavik downtown and check-in to our apartment at 2.30am…Our schedule was delayed due to poor weather in Iceland…Most of the tour agents had left messages at the check-in area that the day trips for the next morning were cancelled. We had booked a Golden Circle tour but didn’t receive any updates from the operator…

Woke up at 7.30am and tried to contact the operator as they were supposed to pick us up at 8.30am if the tour is on…but to no avail. We packed our luggage while waiting for updates as we need to check-out before we go for our full day-trip… Waited till 9am and the driver finally called us to say the trip is ON~

When we commented that all the other tours were cancelled, our driver said “The weather is only a little bit extreme today.” We were assured that we would be in safe hands as we were going out in a convoy of 3 super jeeps operated by the same company and would be able to help each other out should any of the vehicles get into trouble.

On a day where there were alerts of strong gales, the route to Pingvellir National Park (1st stop on the Golden Circle tour) was smooth sailing, didn’t see any tour coaches at all along the way. We managed to complete the sightseeing without much trouble and arrived at Geysir (2nd stop on the Golden Circle tour) for sightseeing and lunch.

Geysir Glima Restaurant is right opposite the main attraction, it is a self-service eatery that sells proper hot meal (reminds me of Ikea eatery). There is another cafe selling small bites at the other end of the building. There wasn’t much of a crowd due to the poor weather, we had no problems getting a seat. This was our first proper meal since our lunch the day before in Cambridge. In between we only had snacks and light bites…

We browsed around the cafeteria and assessed the price of a meal at a tourist attraction in Iceland. We knew the cost of living is pretty high, almost everything are imported in Iceland so we were mentally prepared that it would be an expensive meal. But since we were sleep-deprived and having hunger pangs, we needed a nice, warm meal for our stomachs.

Despite not having any Kronos (cash) with us, we had no problem paying for our meal thanks to the amazing invention called “credit card”~ You can pay for almost everything using credit card in Iceland. We didn’t change any Kronos for our 6 days stay for a few reasons. Firstly Kronos is not easily available at money changers outside Iceland. Secondly the rate was quite poor even if you exchange it in UK.

Back to our lunch, we chose a hot mocha, a salmon salad and a fish main to share amongst the 2 of us. The portion was pretty generous by our standards (given our small appetite) and was filling enough for us. Price-wise? This meal cost ard S$48! It probably sounded more reasonable for us since it works out to be S$25 per pax…and considering that it’s at a tourist attraction, the price would be inflated by at least 25-50%.

Geysir Glima Restaurant

Nonetheless, to 2 hungry souls, this meal was worth every penny. The salmon was fresh and the fish tasted good.

P.S We returned the next day when the weather was better, the place was PACKED!!! Hordes of tourists and the place was overflowing with human traffic… We didn’t bothered to have a meal inside and ended up munching our bakeries in our car…

Photos taken earlier:

Flight to IcelandI was impressed with the huge legroom onboard Icelandic air. Nice night view of the city below. Was keeping my eyes glued to the window to lookout for Northern Lights but no luck…

Rey Apartments

Our penthouse apartment with 3 bedrooms at Rey Apartment. We got upgraded to penthouse for our 1 night stay and only 2 occupants… Good deal? Unfortunately we had to carry our luggages up 4 storeys at 2.30am and carry it down 6 hours later…

Golden Circle_01

Visited Oxararfoss Waterfall at Pingvellir in the Super Jeep. We got a sip of the ice cold water when the guide went to fill up a bottle of the natural water.

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