Have read about Izy a while back but only managed to materialise my visit recently. Guess I was pretty lucky to be able to get seats without making any reservations. Cos I seriously believe that with such good food, they will be packed.

We went for Chef’s signature omakase menu 6 courses and top-up with a few ala carte dishes.

Starting with Sea Urchin served with onsen tamago (ALC) and White Sesame Tofu served with uni, junsai, wasabi & dashi sauce (foreground in pix). We each had our own favourite between the two so it’s hard to say which one is nicer. I enjoyed the urchin with tamago while the other dish had ikura popping in your mouth.

Appetizer of Sashimi served with soy jelly and wasabi flavoured age soy comprised of aburi scallop, ocean trout and shima aji.


From the sumiyaki category, we had the Pork Skewer Grilled pork skewer served with black miso sauce (ALC) and Grilled Swordfish served with parmesan seaweed sauce. These 2 items were fantastic! Pork skewer had the right proportion of fats to meat ratio. The grilled swordfish had a melt-in-your-mouth texture and a fragrant char-grill umami. We were later told that the swordfish is one of their signature dishes.

Continuing on, we had the Crispy Chicken Izy specialise crispy chicken with Balsamic mayonnaise, soy caramel sauce. The thick, sweet and savoury gravy and fried chicken combi was a calorie-busting guilty pleasure.

My favourite dish for the night had to be the Sea Urchin Pasta Angel hair pasta served with Uni (ALC) the luxuriously rich and creamy pasta was awesome. Had the Wagyu Rice Japanese rice served with seasonal truffles and soft boiled egg as part of the 6-course menu which was good but (IMO) can’t beat the pasta.


Can’t remember what’s the dessert we had, but it could be Bitter Chocolate and Coffee Mousse.

Overall it was a great find. Certain to return soon. Staff even reminded us to make reservations if we wish to dine on Fridays and Saturdays.

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