Adrift by David Myers

Two celebrity chefs set up their outposts in Marina Bay Sands within first quarter of the year and since I’ve visited David Thompson’s Nahm in Bangkok before, we decided to try David Myers’s Adrift.  Adrift is located at the ground floor of the MBS hotel side and not together with the cluster of celebrity chefs over at the convention centre end.

Started our dinner with a Singapore Sling and Hibiscus Tea Gimlet. These drinks goes well with the “once-you-start-you-can’t-stop” caramel popcorn with togarashi from the drinking bites menu.


Our favourite part of the menu was from the Nomadic section. Would like to try almost all the dishes from there and enjoy a seafood feast (if only I had unlimited budget…each dish is $28). After some deliberation we had to limit our choice to the Cured hamachi, ginger flower, creme fraiche which turned out great though we were slightly disappointed with the tiny portion.

The highly raved King crab, pimento grilled cheese toast was next. However once again, I can’t believe that these 3 toasts cost $35?! Yes, its king crab and yes it tasted really good…but it’s totally not filling. The Fried oysters, green garlic, black lime dip was one of the dishes which I felt was good and more reasonably priced. While we knew that these are small plates meant to be like tapas, it’ll cost a bomb to have a filling dinner if all the dishes are so unsubstantial.

Thankfully we had the Duck, miso, plum which was considered a big plate to provide us with the necessary proteins.  However I felt the meat overly tough and slightly dry. It was one of the dishes that we didn’t quite enjoy.

Also tried the Crispy baby potatoes, seaweed, parmesan which we read about from online reviews. It turned out to be a disappointment for me…


After the slump from the duck and the pototates, the desserts managed to raise our spirits again! End our meal with a Parfait Of Raspberry, Rose, Cocoa Mochi  and a Chocolate pot de crรจme with burnt marshmallow. The Parfait was a delightful dish which deserves leaving a decent stomach space for it! The chocolate pot de creme would be good only for serious chocolate lover as it was thick and exudes bitterness of the rich Guanaja cocoa.

Guess I won’t mind returning for drinks and having their light bites, or even just for the desserts. The key drawback for not ordering anything more is the price.

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