Lollapalooza [Closed]

Having visited their first establishment – Lolla in Club street and impressed with their dishes, we were excited to try Lollapalooza. Menu at Lollapalooza is supposed to be changing everyday, designed depending on seasonal produce. In addition, some of the ingredients used were pretty uncommon such as pig’s ear and banana shallots which I tried.

On the day of my visit, there were a total of 19 dishes printed on the menu for selection – from bread to salad, vegetables and meat. The dishes here are meant to be small sharing plates so we tried 4 items.

First was Salt-baked banana shallots with kale ($14). Banana shallots (which has nothing to do with the banana fruit) are a cross between a shallot and an onion and has a taste that is milder and sweeter than normal onion.

Our second dish was Radicchio with crispy pig’s ear ($21). While I enjoyed the crispy and crunchy julienned pig’s ear, I didn’t like the bitter, peppery and slightly acidic taste of radicchio.


Third dish was Cured salmon roe omelette ($28). This is probably one of the least exotic dish amongst the starters and appetizers. Creamy omelette with luxurious salmon roes.

Lastly we had the Chargrilled veal rack ($49). Grilled to perfection with a slight pinkish centre, juicy and tender.

Paired our meal with 2 glasses of their house wines which is priced at $18-$20 each (being the cheapest from the wine menu).

While I applaud the owners’ foresight in starting this restaurant with unique dishes showcasing less common ingredients, I still preferred Lolla’s style.

The total damage of our meal was about $165 (before taxes and service charge), pretty pricey for a 4-course meal which was shared by 2 persons.

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