Neon Pigeon

We’ve been eyeing the progress of the renovation at the corner shophouse unit along Keong Saik street since they started the retrofitting works. I recalled  a few months back, while passing by the area, we commented that “This unit should be another new eatery, maybe another cafe, judging from its layout.” . The answer was finally revealed when Neon Pigeon opened its doors.

Similar to their also-newly-opened next door neighbour, this place has a menu comprising of small sharing plates. The differences between the 2 neighbours was the cuisine type. Neon Pigeon serves Jap-fusion food along with a menu of cocktails.

We were still studying the menu when the bartender came over to ask if we wanted to order any drinks. Instead of opting for a cocktail from the menu, he offered to serve us bespoke cocktails based on our preferences. Hence there’s no name to the 2 drinks ($23 each) that we had. But I do like mine which had a hazelnut flavour in it.

The food menu has 6 categories and available in 2 sizes (S/L): Birdfeed, Miso Soup, Vegetables, Seafood, Meat & Poultry and Rice. From the Birdfeed category, we tried the Chilled cucumber: crushed chili peanuts, nori, goma ($8), Marinated hamachi: ume somen noodles, shiso, ponzu ($16) and Tsukune sliders: pickled kyuri, tare aioli ($10). The chilled cucumber was crunchy and refreshing, though I though it would be nicer if they could come up with a light savoury sauce to drizzle over it as it’s kinda dry.

My personal favourite was the marinated hamachi. The cold noodles paired well with the marinated hamachi.  The first item which left us disappointed was the Tsukune sliders due to the overly salty chicken in the bun.

Neon Pigeon_01

Butter braised mushrooms: soy and sesame ($10) was ordinary while the Slow cooked octopus: cauliflower puree, shichimi ($18) received mixed response. I liked the texture of the perfectly cooked octopus, chewy and tender but the puree was once again too salty.

Our last dish was the Miso roasted pumpkin: sugar snap peas, crispy garlic, egg yolk ($15). I hesitated to order this dish when the staff recommended to us cos I don’t quite fancy pumpkin. I do eat them but not if the pumpkin flavour is too overwhelming. The staff assured me that its only slightly flavoured with pumpkin and this is one of the recommended dish.  The rice was cooked to a nice texture, covered with a flowy egg yolk which was stirred in only when the dish was served at our table. While I wasn’t put off by the pumpkin flavour, ultimately this dish tasted a tad too salty.

Neon Pigeon_02

While there were misses in some of the dishes it’s still a nice place to enjoy a drink and have some light bites.

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