★ Lei Garden Restaurant, Singapore

Somehow I have craving for fine chinese dining recently and decided to visit Lei Garden Restaurant in Chijmes – their only outlet left in Singapore after the Orchard one closed. When I visited Hong Kong, we ever passed by their outlet inside IFC and was packed. But we had other priorities then and didn’t arrange for a meal there.

Back to Singapore, I hadn’t been visiting the eateries in Chijmes for quite a long while. I didn’t even know that they had undergone a revamped until my current visit.  While looking for the Lei Garden I wandered around the Chijmes compound and noticed many new family friendly eating places unlike the previous tenant mix that comprised mostly of pubs and bar. Nonetheless I remained pretty focused on getting my Chinese food craving fixed.

The restaurant was pretty full for a weekday crowd although we still managed to get a table without having to wait. We were pleasantly surprised that they are having a Wine Pairing Promotion where we could select 2 dishes from 4 options available plus a bottle of wine for $99++. =)

Opted for the promotion without further hesitation as the dishes were exactly what we liked. Had the Sauteed scallops with asparagus and black fungus and Barbecued half Peking duck. The wine was a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc from Château Favray, Pouilly Fume France.

Lei Garden Restaurant Singapore_01

The delectable Peking duck skin was sliced next to our table and served with the egg crepe, scallion and sweet bean sauce. The meat was then chopped and served plain or alternatively for a top-up sum they can prepare it in other methods.

Lei Garden Restaurant Singapore_02 The scallop dish was equally satisfying and I was impressed by the flavoursome fish paste which was stuffed with the juicy and tender scallops. Ordered an ala-carte portion of their signature Roast pork belly with mustard dipping sauce. The crisp pork skin was crackling with every bite while the meat was soft and tender. I’m not a fan of roast pork belly but found this very well executed.

Ended our meal with ala-carte dessert of Baked custard bun.

Had a truly satisfying meal to raise my gloomy mid-week spirit.

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