Mad About Sucre

Though Mad About Sucre was close to home, it requires some planning for me to visit them. Being a place specialising in cakes, I had to make sure that there’s enough stomach space to visit them to try out various beautiful creations they have in their display case.

Finally got the chance to do so on public holiday whereby we deliberately went for a light lunch so that we could dropped by for the visit. Was really hoping that the place wouldn’t be full since the Keong Saik area is often visited by many eager cafe-hopping folks on weekends.

Managed to get a low table next to the display case area as most of the proper table height seats (located at the back of the store) were taken.

Mad about sucre_01

It didn’t take long for me to decide what I wanted. The must-try is the San Domingue which had been widely instagrammed about and I picked another cake called Moulin Rouge. I liked that they offer tea pairing service to go with the different cakes and also took the effort to advice customers about the sequence of serving the cakes.

The Moulin Rouge was served first along with the pairing tea of Spanish lemon with green tea. The Moulin Rouge had lightly charred caramel, walnut parfait, savore sponge and short pastry. I think it was meant to look like a lighted cigar. While the cake was good (for folks who don’t like chocolate), admittedly the surprise was the tea! Totally enjoyed the refreshing tea. 

San Domingue Mouse made from 70% single origin chocolate, rum jewl box, caramelized plantain, vanilla cream, brittany crunch was served with another pot of blended tea with green tea, lotus, mint tea etc. However this time round, my vote goes to the rich chocolately cake.

I believe each of the cakes would have their supporters as one has light and subtle flavours while the other taste like living out the Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory dream of endless chocolate fantasy.

Can’t wait to be back to try the other creations! 

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