Milk & Honey

Spotted the opening of Milk & Honey in City Square Mall a while back but only tried it today cos of the insanely hot weather. Needed some chill factor to cool ourselves and decided to try them out. Someone in the office had tried them before but had given a not-so-positive comments, hence we didn’t make the effort to try them. Nonetheless, I gave them a chance since the thought of having a yogurt was exceptionally tempting to beat the blazing sun.

Milk & Honey_01

Ordered the Vanilla Raspberry signature yogurt parfait but was later told they ran out of raspberry compote. That explains why my yogurt looked less “pinkish” in the centre filling. Luckily 2 of us decided to share 1 yogurt as it turned out to be quite substantial in portion. The yogurt was very milky, in fact I think it tasted richer than fresh milk, but it doesn’t have any sourish taste like traditional yogurt. Hence warning for folks who don’t like the milk aftertaste, you might not like the yogurt served here.

I did enjoy the crunchy white chocolate coated crumble buried in the bottom of the yogurt cup and the decorative meringues. The toppings not only provided additional flavours but also varying texture to the smooth and creamy froyo.

While there is the option of petite size ($5.80) which allows one to choose 3 toppings, for another $2 more it seems more worthy to go for their signature parfaits which packsย more toppings.

Unlike the other popular froyo bars, Milk & Honey has a generous seating space where one can enjoy the delectable desserts in comfort. =)

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