While most folks might have been to Tan Quee Lan street opposite Bugis Junction to look for food, they might not have ventured right to the Beach road end where GastroSmiths is located.

The tiny bistro has limited indoor seats – probably around 10 tables, with more alfresco seats outside the unit along the building’s walkway. Despite the small shop space, the kitchen offers a rather comprehensive menu. The staff introduced us to a few of their signature dishes which we already had in mind to order such as Scallop Ceviche hokkaido sashimi scallops, yuzu, koji, 200G Hokubee ribeye don furikake rice, herbed butter (add-on) 63 degree egg and Atlantic cod fried misua kimchi puree, mirin, scallions.

While I felt that the scallop ceviche not exceptional, it was fresh and well-prepared. Considering the quality of ingredient used, it was value-for-money.


The beef don was served with the “onsen” flowy egg sitting on top of the grilled beef. The beef was not as tender and juicy as I expected.

However the next dish was so impressive, that alone would lure me back to dine at the place again – the Cod mee sua. While the mee sua’s texture felt more like bee hoon (cos the mee sua still felt pretty al-dente), the mee sua had absorbed the umami from the dashi stock along with the salty-sweet flavor mirin taste. The saffron garnishes add a touch of class to this rather unique dish. This is a star dish that I would highly recommend others to try.


The other highlight of my dinner was the dessert of Strawberry “Shortcake” Japanese cheesecake, vanilla chantilly, sicilian pistachio ice cream. The wonderfully plated dessert was an absolute delight. From the looks of it, it could easily pass off as a dessert from some Michelin-star restaurant. The combination of sweet juicy strawberries and nutty pistachio crunches resulted in an amazing texture and flavours.

Other signature dish which we didn’t try was the Valrhona lava cake, I guess I would be back pretty soon to savour this dessert.

[Updates on 23rd Jul 15]

My 3-course: Crab & Caviar bruschetta, Shio-Koji Seafood Marinara and Hazelnut Tiramisu

Amongst the 3, I felt that the pasta didn’t quite meet my expectations. The bruschetta and dessert was pretty up to mark. Of cos not forgetting the Cod Mee Sua which remains as my fav dish at the place.


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