Banana Tree Singapore [Closed]

Banana Tree Singapore cutesy flower pot pudding certainly attracted a lot of attention and likes on Instagram and Facebook. I have friends asking if I had visited them since they are in my neighbourhood. Truth was whenever I passed by the shop, they were either full or closed for the day already. There was once whereby I passed by and was happy to see the lights are still on and the place was empty! Turned out some of the staff stayed back in the shop to paint the artwork on the walls. =(

Although I do try to visit new places every now and then, its more of wanting to try something different instead limiting our choices to the regular shops. There is of course a pocket list of places which we’ll always return and only when we’re bored of the regular stuff do we explore new options. Unlike folks who actively sourced for new openings and hitting the places like how Columbus discovered USA.  Of course there are also some folks who gets invited to media tasting during openings, which I suppose is dining under a different context as its organised like an event so one couldn’t really comment about the ambience of the restaurants if its a group tasting.

Anyway I appreciate the intel provided by friends who forward/update me news about great eating places and enjoy documenting my food trails at my own pace (which explains the severe lag). Its also scientifically proven that when you jot down or write down your experience, it will help you remember better – which allows me to relieve the wonderful moments.

Back to Banana Tree Singapore. Before visiting them, we had lunch at Kok Sen Restaurant a few units away. Being seated along the five-foot way, we had a clear view of the entrance to Banana Tree. Half the time we were stealing glances at the shop whenever we see people entering/existing from the place. In fact I didn’t want to pin my hopes too high on being able to get a seat so as to avoid disappointment. I decided that if there’s no seats available when we walked over after lunch, we’ll just give it a miss.

Banana Tree Singapore_01

Fate has it that there were empty seats when we arrived (I forgot maybe cos its Mother’s Day whereby some folks chose to lunch with their Mums in atas restaurants?)  so we got to try their Flower Paap (chose Banana pudding out of 3 available flavours) and Som-Som Latte (Matcha flavour which explains the green half).

While the dessert and drink were both ok, I must say they scored full marks in the “Presentation”. I was also surprised to know that the Flower Paap is available for takeaway whereby you get to have the pot as well. This is where I witnessed a “cheapskate attitude” in action.

One lady came to collect her Flower Paaps, upon collection she asked “Are the spoons inside?“, the staff said “Yes” and she left after collecting the desserts. The lady returned after a minute or so and asked the staff “How come its not the silver spade spoons ah?!” That’s where I almost choked on my matcha…For additional $1 charged for takeaway (at $7.50) you already get to keep the small pot and you have the cheek to ask for the silver spade spoon?! Unless Banana Tree Singapore has somehow misrepresented and gave people the idea that the takeaway includes the silver spoon,  I wonder if the lady also asked for tea pot when she goes to buy teh….or claypot when she buys 沙锅饭…

I think the shop owner needs to be wary of letting people order the Oreo Bomb takeaway cos there will be folks who will start asking for the pan. *Ooh how about a fun idea – bring your own pan and you’ll get $1 off?*

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