Oenotheque Restaurant by Wine Universe

Our search for Switzerland wines led us to Oenotheque Restaurant by Wine Universe as the restaurant carries the not-so-easily found Swiss wines. When we visited Switzerland we got to know that only a small proportion of Swiss wines are exported as most of them are for their own nation’s consumption. The restaurant in Millenia walk is a joint venture by fourth-generation Swiss vintner, Dominique Giroud and a Swiss owner.

Since it’s a restaurant by Swiss, I managed to try Raclette in Singapore. While the cheese fondue is more commonly found in Singapore, I prefer Raclette and fell in love with them after having first tried it in Swiss (Whymper-stube Restaurant, Zermatt). Very excited to find them serving raclette here and the one served was also pretty good.

Also tried the Alaska Rosti Smoked salmon, sour cream & dill which uses a slightly more coarsely grated potatoes than the ones in Marche.

Oenotheque Restaurant by Wine Universe_01

Had 2 glasss of wines from Switzerland – Amigne 2012, Giroud and Espesses 2010, Chasselas, Dufaux. The Amigne is a rather sweet wine, personally I prefer the Chasselas.

Its a nice place for a tipple with light bites after work.

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