Mitzo Restaurant & Bar

Made my way to Mitzo Restaurant after seeing a photo of their signature Barbecued Pork. The glossy caramelised pork looked delectable just from the picture. I’m glad I decided to visit the modern Chinese restaurant housed in Grand Park Orchard hotel.


Although the restaurant serves Cantonese cuisines, a part of the space is dedicated to a bar area. While we sat in the modern dining hall for our meal, we didn’t miss the chance to order some cocktails to try. Had cocktails from the Asian Inspirations Smokey Elixir and an updated classic Mitzo High Tea.

The highlight of my meal was the anticipated Barbecued Pork and it sure didn’t disappoint! The smokey outer crust of the char siew was coated with a layer of sweet caramelised sauce while the centre of the meat was juicy and tender. It was certainly comparable to the version at the famous Overseas Restoran in KL.


Deep-fried prawn coated with creamy lemon sauce was also very well-executed. The prawns were huge and chewy, with a nice batter.

Our last dish was Braised vermicelli with scallops, prawn and cod fish. But it was also the least favoured dish for the night. Perhaps we were too pampered by the former 2 dishes, as such this plain noodles seemed less attractive.

Nonetheless they had me at the Barbecued pork and I will be back for that. Frankly even while writing this post, I had the urge to return just for the char siew….

[Updates on 31st Jul 15]

Back again for the irresistible Char Siew and tried other dishes. Notably the Pork Belly had a nice crispy skin and the Steamed Dim Sum PlatterLobster and Shrimp Dumpling with Black Truffle, Baby Abalone and Pork Dumpling, Crab Meat and Chicken Dumpling with Cordyceps Flower and Royal Shrimp Dumpling.


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