Before visiting Manzoku I had the impression that it’s a higher end mid-range Japanese restaurant. When we arrived at the shophouse unit we saw a huge group of people standing outside. My first thought was “Oh dear…what a long queue…” but we soon realised that those people weren’t lined up, they were simply waiting for a table. We pushed open the door and stood at the entrance for quite a while, in awe of the packed and cramped space inside… and the staff were so busy that it took them quite a while before someone came over to ask for number of pax. Turned out that the “reception” is actually near the bar counter which requires customers to walk right through a narrow walkway lined with the tables and chairs.

After taking a moment to look through the menu, a friendly auntie came to take our orders. When she heard we wanted to order the Chirashi set, she recommended us the Special Chirashi Set which includes Premium Japan Air-Flown Fishes (Fatty Tuna Belly, Hokkaido Scallops, Halibut, Swordfish, Red Snapper, Sea Urchin & Ikura) along with a Chawanmushi and Dessert. Boy I was impressed with the freshness of the ingredients and the perfectly cooked rice. The normal chirashi cost $25 while the special set cost $68 but the special one is really pretty value-for-money given the excellent quality.


Also ordered the Aburi Five comprising of Otoro, Salmon Belly, Engawa, Ebi and Caviar, Foie Gras and Scallop. Each of them was well-seared to a melt-in-your-mouth texture and with each mouthful the smoky fragrant filled my palate.

Lastly we had the Ika Teriyaki which was nicely grilled to an al-dente texture.

Ended our meal with Taro ice cream. It brought back many of my childhood memories as my mum liked this flavour and up till the time whereby I can decide what flavour of ice cream to buy…I had to eat whatever she buys…hence I haven’t tasted this ice cream flavour for a very long while!

This place serves up good quality food but needs to brush up on service aspects perhaps due to shortage of manpower. The other downside was the cramp space of the shop unit which resulted in a less than comfortable dining environment.

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