Wild Rocket

There’s a Chinese saying – 三顾茅庐, this applies to my experience of visiting Wild Rocket. My initial plan was to visit them for lunch and I tried to make a booking only to find out that they are closed for private event. Second attempt was to visit them for dinner only to find out that they were fully booked on the day of my choice. I finally made it to the place on my 3rd try.

Walking in from the reception of the restaurant, it felt as if we were walking into a cozy “nest” due to the twig like structure built along the full height glass of the dining hall. It reminded me of the SunnyHills outlet in Japan which was encased within intricate timber lattice.

Wild Rocket_01

While there is an option for Omakase, we opted for the 4-course meal which seemed to be pretty value-for-money when compared to ordering from the ala carte menu.

For the 1st course we chose the Pomelo salad with tiger prawns & frozen coconut dressing and Salmon red rice & baby octopus donburi. Despite my dislike for pomelo and coconut, I decided to try the salad after knowing that it was one of the best dish from the restaurant. Amazingly they managed to turn food that I don’t like into an amazing dish! =) The pomelo and coconut dressing combination was well-balanced and felt very refreshing on the palate.

On a side note whenever I hear the fruit “Pomelo” I’m always reminded of a hilarious incident back in my school days. I have a classmate by the name “Pamela” and the teacher (perhaps read her name wrongly) called out “Pomelo” during attendance taking!  Needless to say the whole class burst out laughing!!!

Wild Rocket_02

I think the salad was so good that the Salmon red rice & baby octopus donburi felt kinda underwhelming.

2nd course were Spanner chilli crab linguini with onsen egg and Tau yew bah soy sauce pork ragout rigatoni. I enjoyed the spicy linguini with flowy onsen egg more than the savoury pork pasta.

3rd course were Roast Chilean seabass with chai poh confit & congee and 48-hr beef short rib with kailan, shiitake & mash. The appetizing preserved turnip (chai poh) not only added flavour to the seabass dish it also provided the crunchy texture. The beef short rib would be a more filling choice for guys as the portion is more substantial. While the short rib was reasonably soft, I’m not a fan of short rib. The use of kailan as accompaniment was also kinda odd. I did enjoy the mash which was fine and soft.

Wild Rocket_03

All the 3 dessert options were pretty attractive. We opted for Wild rocket strawberry cheesecake and Gong tng chinese peanut candy with peanut butter ice cream. Being able to try a dessert with peanut butter has been on our wish list since our visit to Pollen Street Social whereby they told us that they’ve stopped serving that signature dessert. Using peanut butter as ingredient for dessert has been becoming more common in Singapore, it should be great news to peanut butter lovers.

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