Llao Llao, Singapore

Finally found the chance to try this Llao Llao yogurt without having to bear with the long queue. Walked by the outlet at Wisma Atria at 9.30pm and saw that there’s less than 3 people in the queue! Without hesitation I went ahead to order a “Sanum” – indicated on the signage as yogurt with fruits, crunches and a sauce. The staff then proceeded to ask “Which 3 fruits?“.  Initially I was stunned cos I thought it was only 1 choice, wasn’t prepared to choose 3. Nonetheless, managed to quickly select kiwi and watermelon in addition to my first choice strawberry.

Llao Llao_01

Crunches was an easier choice to make as I choose cookies and chocolate type. Lastly was the sauce, which I had a difficult time deciding. Ended up with the Rum & Raisin as I recalled that my friends said the sauces were all very sweet. I thought rum & raisin would be a safe bet. Turned out that my Sanum also too sweet for my taste. Perhaps the sweetness of the sauce was to compensate for the sourish fruits? The only filling I enjoyed were the crunches. I guess if I had another chance to buy Llao Llao I would choose just the crunch to go with the yoghurt.

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