The Sushi Bar Dining (Ngee Ann City)

The popular sushi stall from Far East Plaza – The Sushi Bar has opened a new outlet at a more accessible Ngee Ann City. This is good news for folks like me who seldom walk over to the far flung corner of Orchard.

Apparently the pace is still at their soft launch period, since the official signage is still covered with red paper. And when we wanted to order sake, we were told that they haven’t gotten their alcohol license.

Nonetheless we had a good meal cos of their delectable signature dishes such as Pitan Tofu, Salmon Aburi Roll and Bara Chirashi Don.

The Sushi Bar_01

Notably the tofu seemed to be made in-house? Cos the tofu was sitting nicely in the bowl and we could tell that it’s not those supermarket ready-made tofu. The tofu was silky and smooth, the Pitan mixture was creamy and rich. The addition of the kani sticks helped balanced the dish.

Freshness of the Bara Chirashi don which was often raved by instagrammers didn’t disappoint. The fish and scallop cubes were juicy and Ikura bursting with flavours. In fact the juice of the huge Ikura spilled out from my mouth twice when I chewed on them!

The Sushi Bar_02

My only minor comment about food quality is the Aburi Salmon, it could have been seared slightly more for the smoky taste.

While the service was still a bit tardy, such as missing out on our green tea and Pitan tofu, it was good to have another sushi restaurant option in Ngee Ann City. This premise has a relatively large siting capacity in comparison to their original outlet. Hopefully when they are fully operational they have sufficient manpower to cope with the number of tables.

[Updates on 18th Nov 15]

Barely caught them before their last order time of 9pm. =)

Kaisen Chirashi Don (s) satisfyingly good~ Thick cuts of fresh sashimi and 1 piece of aburi, Yum~

The Sushi Bar_03

Uni Ikura Onsen and Sirloin Steak which was nicely seared to medium rare. I’m someone who adds dark soy sauce to my soft-boiled egg so I’m always puzzled on why people add light soy sauce to their eggs. The Uni Ikura Onsen tasted just like a savoury version of our soft-boiled eggs.

The Sushi Bar_04

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