Ginza Lion Beer Hall, Singapore

My slew of poor luck with food establishment continues. Following my 三顾茅庐 experience to Wild Rocket, this time round it’s deja vu again…

First walked by Ginza Lion Beer Hall while wandering around in Suntec but didn’t go in for a drink as it was still a tad early to get tipsy (around 4pm?). Besides we haven’t had our brunch…was looking for something light.

Made our way to Suntec another day only to discover that they were closed for private event…

Success comes to those who persevere…and we managed to enjoy their Beer in a Boot on our 3rd try! Also had their Roasted Black Angus Beef (top-up side dishs of fries and corn) and Chicken Wings.

Ginza Lion Beer Hall_01

The roasted beef was really tender and well-prepared as evidenced by the pinkish centre of the thinnly sliced beef. However the sides were pretty ordinary yet expensive. Don’t bother ordering the sides…

The chicken wings were also flavoursome and nicely fried. Fried chicken wings always goes well with beer isn’t it? 🙂 First saw the beer served in boot glass in “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” when Ben Stiller had a drink in far-flung Greenland. Happy to see similar glasses in Singapore.


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