The Refinery

After doing some re-search of the food options around the area, we discovered somemore places that is either newly opened or new to us (we’ve expanded our exploratory area from Jalan Besar into Kitchener side). One of which was The Refinery which was opened recently. Full height glass panels allowed ample natural lighting to cast inside the spacious dining hall. The use of white top tables further brightened the place.

The industrial looking set-up uses cables and hooks as part of the decor as well as leaving the aircon units exposed from their hanging racks. Other than the 1st storey, there is also seating space on the mezzanine floor.

The Refinery_01

They have different menu for Lunch and Dinner as the place transforms itself into pub/bar in the evening. From the lunch menu we had the Gyuniku Donburi Truffle hon shimeiji mushroom, tare marinated skirt steak, spring onions, signature 72 degree onsen tamago. The egg was huge and flowy, each grain was well-coated with the onsen egg after we mixed the rice. The marinated beef was savoury and chewy. Despite the limited mains options (only 3, either the beef don/pork don/pork noodles), having just 3 good dishes is better than having a whole range of mediocre items. This beef don is certainly satisfying enough for me.

The Refinery_02

Had a Refinery Waffle Vanilla waffle, strawberries, strawberry cheesecake ice cream, crushed pistachio with Maple Syrup for dessert. Almost licked up all the bits of the crunchy pistachio which provided the added texture along with the sweet smell of the syrup drizzled over the warm waffle.

Shall try to re-visit again in the evening next time to try out their Dinner menu and drinks.

[Update on 21st Jul 15]

The Refinery_03

Tried the Salted Egg Onion Rings Battered onion rings, salted egg yolk custard sauce and the Spicy Mee Pulled pork, homemade sambal, pork balls, seasame seeds, pork lard, signature 72 degree onsen tamago.

The onion rings was quite interesting but the batter was not quite like the salted egg prawns coating that we were expecting. The spicy mee sad to say wasn’t suited for my taste. The noodles seemed too soggy, the pulled pork doesn’t go well with the noodles. Everything was mushy and gluey.

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