Tsui Wah Restaurant 翠華餐廳, Macau

Decided to go for a short weekday getaway to Macau, cos my last visit to Macau was a disaster… Took a ferry from HK to Macau for a day visit, endured the rocky 1 hour+ ferry ride cos of storm and got stuck at the Customs for more than 2 hours, leaving us with less than 2 hours to tour Macau before its time for us to catch the return ferry back!!!

Hence this time we planned a 4D3N stay to explore Macau. After booking the flight, we realised that “Michael Learns to Rock” will be performing on the day we arrive. Since their Singapore concert (in July) has been sold out, we took the opportunity to catch their performance at Broadway Macau. =)

Checked into our hotel – JW Marriott at around 6pm+ and dashed down to have our pre-concert dinner at Broadway Macau (linked via an air-con overhead bridge to Galaxy Macau). Didn’t reccee around the theatre much but saw Tsui Wah Restaurant right next door. Tsui Wah Restaurant is a well-known cafe originating from HK, but we didn’t have the chance to visit them during our HK trip…so I was pretty excited to see them here and went in without hesitation for our dinner.

Tsui Wah_01

The signature Milk Tea is a must-try here. While their home-made fish balls in fish soup was also one of their signatures, we went for the Spicy version – look at the bright red chilli oil~

We also ordered a few items on their Top 10 Signature dishes – Sizzling King Prawns with Fried NoodlesSwiss Sauce Chicken Wings and Crispy bun served with sweet condensed milk.

The noodle dish was served on a hotplate and the staff poured the bowl of prawns and gravy at our tableside just before serving. The prawns were huge, succulent and juicy!

Tsui Wah_02

The chicken wings looks well-marinated and pretty. However I don’t think the Swiss sauce chicken wings has anything to do with Switzerland.  It tasted largely like our Braised dark soy sauce chicken – with a subtle difference.

The crispy bun looked like a simple dish but was fragrant and tasted awesome. Somehow I felt that the spread on the toast has a tinge of Kaya taste.

With our full stomachs we were ready for our MLTR concert.

[2nd Visit]

I visited Tsui Wah again on another day and a different outlet. This time I went to the 24-hour outlet inside Galaxy Macau. Feeling hungry at 2am, we strolled down to the eatery for a bowl of hot porridge. Since we were in the ‘Vegas of Asia’, we also felt like splurging on some indulgence. I ordered the luxurious Abalone and Scallops porridge costing a whopping S$70. But seriously the Abalone had the best texture and flavour I had ever tasted cos they supposed to use the Calmex (wheel brand) abalone! I guessed after tasting this superb abalone, its hard to enjoy the supermarket brands again…

Tsui Wah_03

Other Photos:

Pretty sunflowers at Changi Airport T2.


Pretty good view considering we couldn’t select our seats as the tickets were purchased as part of our hotel package.

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