Antonio, Macau

After watching “The House of Dancing Water” show in City of Dreams, we returned to Taipa Village once again for our dinner. Since Macau used to be a Portugese colony up till 1999, we reckoned we should look for a restaurant to enjoy a Portuguese meal. Was down to A Lorcha, Fernando’s and Antonio.  Decided to dine at Antonio largely due to its location and also read about it from Anthony Bourdain’s Guide.


We sat on the ground floor dining hall next to a window overlooking the small alley outside. The tables were pretty close to each other, but the decor of the restaurant was warm and homely.

Read about the good range of wine available at the restaurant, so we ordered a bottle of white wine by Antonio Private 2012 from Duoro Region. The white wine from Duoro region are from a grape varieties which I have not tried before.

Ordered a salad thinking that we would need some fibre since we hadn’t eaten much veg during the trip. Although the Salada de Polvo Português Portuguese Octopus Salad had more octopus than veg, we enjoyed the refreshing dish. It was appetizing and octopus was nicely cooked. The other starter we tried was Ameijoas à Bulhão Pato Sautéed Clams with Garlic, Coriander, Olive Oil and White Wine Sauce. We could tell that the clams were fresh as it had an ocean-fresh aroma. The flesh was tender and chewy, the wine sauce was flavoursome.


The key highlight of our meal was the Arroz de Marisco à “António” Servido em Tacho de Barro 2 pessoas Wet Seafood Rice “Antonio” Style (crab, mussel, clams meat, prawns) Style Served in a Ceramic Pot – 2 Persons. The bright orange gravy filled with umami of rich prawn stock was tantalisingly good.  Unlike paella or risotto which is slightly drier, the Portuguese seafood rice is much more soupy. The portion was also pretty filling for the two of us, we had no choice but to leave behind some rice which goes soooo well with the gravy!  Combined with the fresh and juicy seafood, this dish is simply fantastic! Glad that we ended our day with this fabulous meal.

Not forgetting the entertaining a table-side dessert service of Crepes Suzette (2 unidades) Crepes Suzette (2 Units).  It’s definitely a dessert of choice for those with sweet tooth like me.


At the end of the meal, we were served a glass of Port wine each with compliments from the restaurant. Port really tasted much better than the other ultra-sweet dessert wines (some taste like cough syrup). We also enjoyed the white wine so much that before we left, we purchased a bottle of red Antonio Private 2010 back.

Antonio is definitely a restaurant which we would highly recommend to visit when in Macau.

Other Photos:


Grand Lisboa hotel is one of the tallest building in city centre, visible from almost everywhere in old Macau town. The hotel lobby has countless treasures on display, including a 200 carat diamond, the Horse bronze head of the chinese zodiac from old Summer Palace etc. These treasures are prized possessions of Macau’s gambling kingpin Mr Stanley Ho who owns the place. While he may have placed the treasures at the lobby to allow common folks like us to get a glimpse of the rare artworks, it’s also perfect stage for him to showcase of his wealth. Would loved to capture some photos but the lobby is as busy as a train terminal…packed with curious visitors here to admire the treasures.

To escape from the afternoon heat, we booked tickets to watch a fascinating show at City of Dreams (instead of go shopping in the resorts filled with the same-old international brands…). “The House of Dancing Water” is performed in a purpose-built theatre with a gigantic water tank that can transform into dry area in matter of seconds!

House of Dancing Water_01

Performers possessed amazing skills and ability to execute acrobatic stunts in this well-choreographed show.

House of Dancing Water_02

One of my favourite activity in Macau is to explore the different malls and capture the extravagant displays. Seen here is a golden dragon reaching for it’s pearl in City of Dreams.

It had been a long and fruitful day exploring Macau. There’s so much to see and experience that it would be a waste for visitors to only visit Macau as a “by-the-way” kind of day tour from HK. Although its a small city, it has many unique characteristic stemming from their Chinese-Portuguese history including architecture, road signages, food and not forgetting the exciting array of entertainment resorts.

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