★ Robuchon au Dôme, Macau

My 2nd Michelin-starred restaurant visit on this Macau trip is at Robuchon au Dôme. Both the 3-Michelin starred restaurants in Macau are housed in Grand Lisboa (the other being The Eight). However The Eight is located on 2nd floor while Robuchon is on 43rd floor with panoramic view of Macau.

We were awed by the grand piano and majestic chandelier hung from the glass dome once the elevator door opened.

Robuchon au Dome_01

The breathtaking sights continued as we made our way to the table with unobstructed views of the city. The geometric lattice of the dome was an extraordinary design which exudes grandeur and elegance.

Although there are many restaurants located world-wide under the Joel Robuchon group, we were impressed by the consistency in style and decor. Even the bread options were remarkably similar.

Robuchon au Dome_02

Started our meal with the amuse-bouche of Green peas velouté perfumed with mint, curdled milk, delicate tomato jelly. I usually don’t like the taste of green peas but this was palatable on my taste bud. The chilled dish was a refreshing pre-meal starter, stimulating my appetite.

While I initially wanted to compose a 5-course lunch, having an upset stomach in the morning forced me to reduce it to a 3-course lunch instead. For appetisers we had the Yellowtail carpaccio, duo of beetroot and apple refreshed with a green mustard sorbet and Poached white asparagus, crispy soft-boiled egg and a lemon vinegar hollandaise sauce. Unfortunately I didn’t get to try the carpaccio, for fear that it’ll aggravate my already tender stomach. The white asparagus is considered a rare spring delicacy, something light enough for me too. I felt that the asparagus was a tad too soggy, could have been more tender.

Robuchon au Dome_03

My main of Frog’s leg “meunières” with potato gnocchi, lettuce coulis and vermouth emulsion was faultless. Absolutely enjoyed every morsel of the chewy and tender frog’s leg. I would have also ordered the Roasted Anjou quail with mustard crust, green pea, spring onion and country bacon ‘ragoût’ if I hadn’t fell ill.

Robuchon au Dome_04

Another main we tried was the Roasted “black cod” with turnips purée and morel mushrooms braised in yellow wine. The rich flavoured cod was firm and flaky, well-cooked and complimented by the earthy flavour of the mushrooms.

At last, the highly raved about dessert trolley was presented to us. Hard to choose just 4 items from the array of sweet treats. Tried the NapoleonChoux Puff, Strawberry mousse and Opera cake. Luv the sweet and sourish balance of the strawberry mousse.

Robuchon au Dome_05

Grand finale was the petit four trolley. I guessed the staff must have been used to seeing guests looked overwhelmed by the choices available, she offered to recommend us a few of their favourites including the Canele, Coffee tartlet, Chocolate truffle and we picked the Mango-cheesecake.

Robuchon au Dome_06

Unlike my previous experience at The Eight whereby we rushed to finish our meal within 1.5 hours, we managed to take our time to enjoy our lunch and the view from the dome. In fact, I had to eat at a slower pace due to my stomach problem. Service staff were attentive and friendly. They even took the initiative to offer me a glass of hot water after hearing that I wasn’t feeling well. The food, service and ambience does live up to its michelin-star status and they are also ranked in the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants (#23, 2015).

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