Jim Sai Padarias 占西餅店, Macau

Feeling better after lunch, we took a walk around old town again. This time round we walked into a less touristy area to look for Jim Sai Padarias 占西餅店. Its about 10 mins walk from Largo do Senado (Senate Square) and the single lane road pretty much reminded me of the streets of Hong Kong – steep and long. This road is lined with what looked like old residential buildings with the caged balconies.


Found the pastry shop with much ease and purchased the Portuguese Doughnut (I think its called Malasada but I found this snack through its chinese name 沙翁). Apparently its only available from 2pm onwards and is usually sold out by 4pm. The ball-shaped  沙翁 had a light and fluffy centre hence its less dense than doughnuts and it’s similarly coated with sugar powder. Makes a nice tea time snack =)

Jim Sai_01

Actually they are famous for another “limited edition” pastry called Egg Yolk Candy (direct translation from its Chinese name 蛋黃糖, but read that its a traditional Portuguese dessert – might be Bala de Ovo)  but the lady told us it is only available in winter whereby weather is cool. In summer time the weather’s too warm and they don’t sell it.

澳門風順堂街31號, 13-35 R. de São Lourenco

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