Wong Chi Kei 黄枝记, Macau

We wanted to capture the night scenes in old town hence we were back to try Wong Chi Kei for dinner at their outlet right next to Senate Square (Largo do Senado). We first passed by the shop in the afternoon the day before and there was a huge crowd along the alley. We were glad that the place was not packed as before in the evening when we reached.

The interior decoration of the place resembles that of old chinese teahouse. We ordered their signture Shrimp roe noodles along with a Shrimp dumpling soup noodles.

Wong Chi Kei_01

The noodles were really fine but could have been slightly more al-dente as I found it to be a little too dry. Nonetheless the shrimp roes gave the dish more flavour and fragrance.

The dumplings were huge, juicy and nice!

Overall the meal was ok but nothing fantastic to shout about. It’s probably not worth it should there be a long queue for it. We were glad we didn’t commit the time to queue for them in the day time…

17 Largo do Seal Senado, Macau

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There are 3 bridges linking the old Macau city centre to the island where the new resorts were congregated. We travelled on the Governador Nobre de Carvalho Bridge (upper photo) and the Ponte de Sai Van Bridge several times as we shuttled between the 2 islands. Each trip takes about 15 minutes and the best thing was the shuttle buses we took has free wifi onboard to keep us entertained~ =)

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