Lord Stow’s Bakery 安徳鲁饼店, Macau

Lord Stow’s Bakery falls under the category of my 三顾茅庐 experience. First went to reccee The Venetian to locate the store in the mega mall but they were closed since it was close to mid night by the time we were there. Second visit we arrived at 9+pm only to be informed that the legendary egg tarts were sold out even though their official closing time was 11pm. Made my third visit to them on my last day in Macau, keeping my fingers crossed that Murphy’s Law don’t apply, otherwise I would have to return to Singapore without trying the Portuguese Egg Tart. Oh well I even have a back-up plan, if I really don’t get to try Lord Stow’s tarts, I shall make a trip to a rival shop – Margaret’s Café e Nata 玛嘉烈蛋挞.

Thankfully my persistence paid off and I managed to get my hands on the fragrant tarts. Initially only bought 2 to try, after the first bite I decided to get 1 box of 6 pieces! The egg tarts had flaky aromatic crust with rich egg pudding filling that has a slightly caramelised top coat perfumed with a mild burnt scent. Best egg tart I ever had! If I had managed to visit them on my Day 1 in Macau, I think I could have them for breakfast/tea/supper everyday!!!

 Lord Stows Bakery_02

On hindsight, I should have bought more of these devilish egg tarts and carry them back to Singapore. Especially after I saw an uncle at the airport carrying 6 boxes of these!!!

Other Photos Taken:

I was amazed by the close proximity of the airport to the Cotai area – a mere 10 minutes shuttle bus journey. We can even see the towering hotel resorts from the runway. 


Saw this striking building while on our way to the airport. It’s the Studio City Macau and the “8” structure encased in the building would be fitted with a Ferris Wheel ride. How cool is that?  It’s scheduled to be opened in later part of 2015. 

This was a short trip that exceeded my expectations of Macau. There is way more things to see, eat and explore than just the casinos here. My single most disappointing experience was the flight. Onboard both my Tigerair flight to and from Macau, there were complimentary “back massages” provided due to the constant itchy legs from passengers behind me. In addition the “surround sound” from conversations of passengers a few rows away as as-if I was in a wet market! I guess the irony of flying on a budget airline is – you first need to invest in a good noise canceling headphone. Thankfully I brought along my trusty Bose headphone for the 3+hour flight, although a cheaper alternative is to bring along an ear plug to zone out from the noise. I must however compliment the airline for being super efficient in facilitating the quick boarding. Perhaps I should be thankful that my flights were pretty on-time for both occassions.

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