Wong Kun Sio Kung 皇冠小馆, Macau

Our last day in Macau and we are still trying to check off our “To-Eat” list. Starting with Crab congee at Wong Kun Sio Kung 皇冠小馆. We had planned to visit their original shop in old town but realised that they opened an outlet right next to the hotel we were staying. Hence we visited the new outlet at Broadway Macau.

Wong Kun Sio Kung_01

Tried their version of Shrimp Roe Stirred Noodles as the owner of the shop is also one of the masters who used the traditional bamboo pressing techniques to create the fine textured noodles. Honestly I enjoyed their version than the earlier one I ate (Wong Chi Kei) cos the noodles were not as dry and was more al-dente. The Shrimp Dumplings were large, succulent and juicy, tasted great with the savoury dark sauce dip.

Lastly the signature Sea Crab Congee – which we only ordered 1 bowl instead of the whole portion, hence the Half shell. The congee was smooth (in fact was much watery than the type we used to have) but was infused with rich umami of seafood flavours.

Wong Kun Sio Kung_02

It’s one of the better street food which we had in Macau that lives up to it’s reputation. Satisfying indeed. Now for our last stop, keeping our fingers crossed that we can tick off one last item before catching our plane back to Singapore.

Other Photos Taken:

JW Marriott_05

Magnificent lobbies in Galaxy Macau, Diamond Lobby with the fountain and Crystal Lobby. 

A morning of fun at the Resort Deck with water slides, floating river and wave pool.

JW Marriott_06

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