Goodwood Park Durian Fiesta

My original plan was to go to Goodwood Park Hotel (which is located slightly far-flung) from the main Orchard Road belt for a nice afternoon tea having their Durian Rainbow Ice Cream Cake while relaxing at the Deli. To my surprise, even on a weekday afternoon, the Deli was bustling with activities. Families enjoying afternoon teas, some visibly are tourists while some are parents who brought their kids (still in their school uniforms) – to start them on the art of appreciating high tea?

Had to opt for takeaway as I would rather enjoy the pastries at home given the rowdy ambience. Thankfully the items are packed with an ice-pack to keep them chilled while I shuttle back home.

Other than the durian rainbow ice cream cake, I also bought the Mao Shan Wang Horns and the Durian Puffs. The rich Mao Shan Wang durian filling was freshly piped into the crispy horn pastry only upon placing of the order.  While the colourful rainbow ice cream cake might be instagram worthy, the plain looking mao shan wang horns were the real deal. So much so that if you don’t want your fridge to be infused with durian smell, you should finish this item first!

Goodwood Park Durian Fiesta 2015_01



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