El Mero Mero

It has been a while since I returned from my London trip where I had one of the best Peruvian ceviches ever at Lima Floral…I had to look for alternatives in Singapore and went to try the one at El Mero Mero in Chijmes.

Amidst the chaos due to breakdown of NSEW MRT lines, the eateries in Chijmes seemed calm and cool with everyone appearing to enjoy a relaxing dinner in the courtyard.

Sat down at the al-fresco area and started our meal with a jug of fruity White Sangria. The colourful Snapper Ceviche red snapper ceviche marinated in lime, passion fruit and habanero with tortilla chips was served next and it’s vivid colour promptly reminded me of their peruvian cousins…Admittedly I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between mexican ceviche and peruvian ceviche…but their version here is good enough to satisfy my craving. I think peruvian ceviche probably doesn’t use passion fruit as one of the marinating ingredient. Nonetheless I’m extremely satisfied with the semi-raw texture of the red snapper coated with the tangy sauce.

El Mero Mero_02

Other dishes ordered included the Grilled Octopus Flame-grilled octopus in a bed of corn cream with black garlic paste and tajin ash. Looking at the huge arm in the plate, I can’t imagine the full size of the Octopus. Despite its size, the meat was chewy and tender thanks to chef’s excellent control of the heat used to grill it.

El Mero Mero_01

Crab cones Crispy tortilla cones filled with crabmeat, guacamole and salmon roe looked extremely attractive with the generous pile of bright orange ikura topping. Although the filling and presentation resembles handrolls, the tortilla offered a different experience when in the mouth due to its crispy texture.

I was also pleased with the spicy and juicy Tempura Prawns Tempura tiger prawns, chipotle-mayo sauce, pico de gallo and pickled red onion on flour tortilla Taco. Guess the smokey and flavoursome chipotle-mayo hits all the right notes.

I’m not sure whether the food here is authentic Mexican or have some fusion elements in it, but it definitely suit my taste. Enjoyed the robust and vibrant flavours of the dishes here.

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