Uncle Ho Tuckshop

The first dish that comes to most Singaporeans mind when we think about Vietnamese food is most likely to be Pho or Banh Mi. But I fell in love with Bun Cha when I tried it in Hanoi, since then I had been looking for places in Singapore that sells the tasty grilled pork slices/patties. Finally came Uncle Ho Tuckshop. Although the place also sells Pho, Banh Mi, Fried Spring Rolls, what lured me to the place is the Bun Cha.

Tried the Pho, but felt that the beef was slightly tough, not tender and chewy enough. The fried spring rolls wasn’t what I had in mind – cos I was actually thinking of Nem Cua Be (Crab Spring Rolls) and it didn’t taste as nice as those I had in Hanoi.

Uncle Ho Tuckshop_01

The Bun Cha does looks somewhat authentic, with the sliced pickled radish or green papayas and carrots in the sweet & sour broth filled with fish sauce. The meatballs were pretty char-grilled as evidenced by its dark patches but the pork slices weren’t as aromatic. I wouldn’t mind returning to have their Bun Cha just to curb my craving for this lesser known Vietnamese dish.

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