BOCA [Relocated]

After trying fabulous Portuguese food in Macau, we were confident that Portuguese food suits our taste bud perfectly. Decided to visit BOCA to try our their dishes.

Started with Sangria Espumante and Sangria Branco difference being first was mixed with sparkling wine and the second is with white wine. The other ingredients used for the cocktail are the same: brandy, elderflower, mint leaves, orange, lemon, lime, peach, star anise, apple juice and ginger ale.

First starter was Clams “Bolhão Pato” Clams, garlic, coriander, white wine, extra virgin olive oil. The dish by itself was a tad too salty but it goes well with the crispy bread soaking up the savoury gravy. Octopus salad Octopus, onions, capsicum, cilantro, extra virgin olive oil, vinegar was next. We had a similar dish in Macau and was mersmerised by the tangy sauce with the chewy octopus. The version here reminds me of ceviche but served with octopus instead of fish.

The dish that impressed us most was the Shrimp “porridge” Bread “porridge” with shrimp, extra virgin olive oil, fish stock, coriander. The “porridge” was packed with richness of the fish stock used to make the broth.  The shrimp was crunchy and provided added texture to the mushy bread bits in the dish.


We wanted to end our meal with Portuguese Egg Tarts but was told that it was sold out as they were baked in limited quantities each day. Nonetheless we managed to get our hands on them on another day. It was slight different from the Lord Stow’s one in Macau but tasted more like a baked Creme Brulee.


[Update in May 2017]

BOCA has relocated to 8 Ann Siang Hill Singapore 069788.

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