Chotto Matte [Closed]

Chotto Matte is nestled in the corner unit of a stretch of restored houses along Blair Road, quite hidden from road traffic and not exactly visible from the main road. The tiny unit had limited indoor seats with some outdoor seats along the aisle.

To cut the long story short, the best moment at the eatery was the Kamotsuru Tokusei Daiginjo Gold sake. The aromatic sake was famously served during President Obama’s visit to Japan in 2014 when he had a meal at Sushi Jiro. Glad we managed to find a sakura gold-flake in our cup. I shall try to find out where I could get this sake in Singapore.

Tried a variety of items from different categories: Seiki no Tamago Tofu century egg tofu with miso & kani, which was okay but not value-for-money (at $15). Kurobuta skewer was good, with the crispy outer layer and succulent meat but Hokkaido scallops was disappointing cos of the size and the lack of flavour.

Mentaiko Pasta was creamy but nothing special, thankfully the Torched Salmon saved the day. The torched salmon is possibly the only item which I felt justified for its pricing.

Ended our meal with Musk Melon Yuzu served with single scoop yuzu sorbet ($19). While I understand that Japanese fruits are ridiculously expensive, they are a joy to savour. Usually only served in Japanese restaurants after an omakase meal.

Chotto Matte_01

Left the place with a mixed and confused feeling as I’m not quite sure how the eatery is positioning itself. For the kind of pricing, I could have gone for a better meal at a proper Japanese restaurant.

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