China Square Central area seems like a quiet town in the evening despite its CBD location. However the place actually offers a good variety of eating options in the area while enjoying a drink in a less crowded/rowdy ambience.

Visited &Sons to have a light meal after a slow day where most people are still reeling from the National Day long weekend.


Seeping a glass of Bellini Prosecco+Peach while seated on the plush leather seats was a great start to a relaxing night. Ordered a Jumbo Prawns, Smoked Pancetta as our main along with a few side dishes. The chargrilled prawns were fresh as evidenced by the hard crunchy shells. Seafood is always on my radar and the side dish we ordered was Baccala Cakes, Sea Urchin Sabayon The round brown balls were salt cod cakes which goes so well with the creamy sea urchin sabayon. A specialty not to be missed here.

We also tried a small portion of their homemade artisanal pasta. The Tagliolini, crab, nduja was rich and flavourful, using tomato based sauce to match the unique taste of spreadable pork sausage (nduja).


&Sons offers an interesting variety of Italian bar dishes different from the traditional Italian pasta restaurant.

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