Insadong Korea Town

FACT 1: I hate it when I need to go Sentosa for corporate events…Why? Cos the catered food experience is just like the roller coaster rides in Universal Studio…Has its Ups and Downs…So much so that we often decide to forgo eating the catered stuff and look for alternatives.

FACT 2: Majority of the food options in RWS falls into “Mid-range price, so-so quality” category. Not wanting to jostle with the tourists who are eager to savour South East Asian cuisine at the ever-so-crowded Malaysian Food Street, we decided to have our meal at Insadong Korea Town.

The eatery is designed with a “food street” concept. There are 4-5 “stalls” selling different specialty dishes. However all the stalls are actually run by the same owner and ordering is done via self-help counters while food collection is at the individual stalls.

We ordered the Army Stew ($32) and a Mango Bingsu ($12) to share. The portion of the army stew is reasonably filling for 3 pax but for that price I’m pretty sure we can get much bigger stew at any of those traditional family-run Korean restaurants. The food is the as expected “so-so” quality, good enough to fill your tummy.

We enjoyed the bright and spacious seating in the Insadong Korea Town compared to the other food court. However we also noticed that birds tend to fly in and rest on the cables of the artificial electrical posts used as decoration of the place. We were slightly worried about the risk of torpedoes dropping from above…

Insadong Korea Town_01

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