The beleaguered foodcourt in Pinnacle@Duxton has finally been resurrected under the hands of Essen@Pinnacle. Opting to change the genre of food stalls in the foodcourt certainly paid off for the new operator. The new place now features modern western cuisines instead of the traditional hawker fares. In a way its more “upscale” after the upgrade. I believe they going to upsize the seating capacity soon to expand the outdoor seats.

The first food tenant to operate there was Two Wings, riding on their success in Alexandra, they set up their 2nd outlet in the fringe of CBD area.

I visited the food court again after reading about Garçons as they pride themselves as a stall that offers affordable French dining.

At first glance, I was surprised to see that the kitchen area is so compact. Amazed that they can conjure up a menu comprising of a decent selection of starters and mains. It must be pretty challenging to work in such small spaces.

Chose to try the Escargots ($12.90), black miso foie gras with daishi ($16.50) and 12-hour pork belly with mashed potatoes and mesclun salad ($16.90) from them.

Seated in the foodcourt with a drink while waiting for my food, I quickly felt that the ambience was the spoiler of the place if you are here to relax. For a dining space that offers beer, pub grub, western cuisines, it should be a great place to chill and chat after work. But since its also near the Pinnacle estate, the food place also attracted family-oriented crowd.

Although places like Robertson Quay also sees family crowd, its a smaller proportion like 80:20. But here its more like 50:50. Most noticeable from the kids having fun in the eatery and baby crys. Its a rather odd experience for me, but I can foresee that this place will be an ideal gathering spot for Parent group gatherings. The parents can have a beer, while the kids can enjoy the chicken wings/fries and best thing – there’s a fitness corner which can double up as a playground for the kids outside! Parents can keep an watchful eye over the kids through the clear glass panels.


The french cuisine was pretty good. I loved the black miso foie gras which was well-seared and had a light broth. It’s different from the typical pairing of foie gras with fruit-based sauces. Escargots was nicely covered with tasty garlic buter. Pork belly had a nice crispy skin along with moist tender meat. Mash potato was smooth and soft.

Although I enjoyed the food at Garcons, I have doubts on whether I will be back to chill and relax at the foodcourt. Perhaps good for a meal but you may wanna enjoy your drinks at the nearby pubs instead? *Sorry to the drinks stall operator…but you already have a steady family crowd gatherings to sustain your business yah?

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