Not sure whether my gut feel is accurate but somehow I think my lunch khakis and I tend to indulge ourselves in a better lunch on Mondays compared to other work days.

Visited Arteastiq in Plaza Singapura for lunch, though the cafe is more known for its Art Jamming sessions. While I haven’t got the chance to visit their Mandarin Gallery branch, having seen some of its pretty photos of the outlet, I was less impressed with the ambience and decor at Plaza Singapura. Seems less chi-chi.

Ordered their lunch set which comprised of a main (from a selection of 10 mains) and a drink. Had a tough time selecting which drink to order as they have a wide selection in their menu. The drinks were categorised into fruit teas, ginger teas, english & floral teas, chinese & japanese teas, blency, blencelato, dessert teas, coffee and tea lattes. I decided to have the Red Date Oolong Tea cos I recently read an article that says consuming oolong tea will help burn more fats than drinking green tea and it has less caffeine content. 


For main I had the Louisiana Love – Chicken & Waffles Panfried dredged buttermilk chicken tossed with thai mango, rockets, red unions, and cashew nuts, served on whole-wheat waffles, maple butter, and red vegetable slaw. Although this dish is named “Louisiana”, alluding to the famous buttermilk fried chicken, they had used panfried chicken instead. The whole-wheat waffles was dense and thick which made the dish pretty filling. I did a double-take when I tasted the sweet maple butter as it played some tricks on my palate. Overall I enjoyed the red veg slaw and wild rockets more than the proteins.

While we were there, we saw a group of Japanese tai-tai with their kids in tow and having their brunch. This outlet might be a good gathering place for the tai-tais from the nearby Japanese community to enjoy afternoon tea.

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