The BetterField [Relocated]

Increasingly there are more small food businesses set-up by trained cooks in neighbourhood shops due to the lower rentals and start-up cost. The BetterField is probably one of them too. Located at ground level of the shops of HDB in Waterloo street, the small eatery serves one of the best French Duck Confit Duck from France, spinach, berry compote, mushroom ($21) I’ve tasted in terms of texture.

Sadly my photo didn’t make the dish looked flattering, although I was impressed with the crisp fried skin, layer of fats underneath and the tender meat.

The Betterfield_01

Also had the Black Angus Ribeye Chilled australian beef, whole grain truffle mustard, maldon sea salt, mesclun salad (200gm $21) which was pretty value-for-money.

The cheese covering the cheese fries was finger-licking good, though the place was more known for their truffle fries.

My only feedback about the eatery is not food-related – the air-con temperature was too high. Felt slightly warm inside.

[Updates in Jun 2016]

Betterfield has moved to a bigger space. They are now located at

100 High Street
The Treasury
Singapore 179434 

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