Karafuru Desserts [Closed]

Riding on the past froyo trend and coupled with the current eclair trend, we visited Karafuru Desserts after having a light lunch. Photos of the colourful eclairs from the Japanese-styled cafe bombarded our instagram accounts for the past weeks and we were eager to have a taste for ourselves.

After braving the hot weather to make our way to the shophouse unit, we were immediately greeted by a freshingly white-themed decoration of the cafe. Sitting prettily on the display counter were rows of beautiful and strikingly bright coloured eclairs. I can imagine them all waving to us in eager cheers of “pick me! pick me!”

Karafuru Desserts_01

Instead of having the eclairs at the cafe, we opted to try their Parfait and pack the eclairs to enjoy at home. Picked the Matchazuke matcha souffle, vanilla pudding, jasmine creme anglaise, mizu-yokan, dango, matcha langue de chat out of the 5 varieties available and had the refreshing Yuzu soda.

Sadly the yogurt of the lovely desert was turning into leading tower of Pisa within seconds of our collection. Tried to take a decent shot of it quickly even before we poured the creme anglaise over the fast melting yogurt. Beautiful as it is, the simplicity of the dessert didn’t seemed to justify its pricing of $16.

Karafuru Desserts_02

Up next were the eclairs. Priced between $6 to $$7 each, there were at least 10 flavours to choose from. There were 3 alcoholic eclairs and I bought 2 of them: (last 2 from right) Marc de Champagne and Irish Cream. The other alcoholic eclair was Ume Shiso – said to be their most popular choice, unfortunately I don’t really liked the dark green colour.

The other eclairs chosen were: (from left) Jasmine MatchaSakura RoseGianduja and Ichigo Yogurt.

Admittedly the eclairs were much smaller than I thought them to be (ard 9cm to be exact). As most of them were topped with a glaze with not much toppings, it seemed rather pricey. Nonetheless the proportion of the sweet glaze to choux pastry was perfect. It is also noted that a lot of emphasis is placed on showcasing the aroma of the glaze, such that it leaves a fragrant taste in the mouth after each bite.

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