Ding Dong [Relocated]

After a gruelling week bombarded by rallies, we need a place to chill on a mid-week Wednesday – 1 day ahead of cooling-off day. Decided to visit owner-chef Ryan Clift’s Ding Dong for some modern Southeast Asian fare and cocktails.

Starting with pretty in pink Fujiyama Yogurt sake, elderflower liquer, fresh strawberries, yuzu liqueur served in a bottle and a rather tropical drink of Singapore Fling Tanqueray gin, Cointreau, citrus, grapefruit, homemade grenadine, creole bitters.

Ding Dong_01

I was more interested in the food menu which featured Asian cuisine in sharing plates style. We were so attracted to the cold plates that we chose 4 items from there. The first item came in a pretty cabbage package filled with ceviche inside. The Scallop ceviche with fresh coconut & chinese cabbage was something very fusion. It somehow reminded me of Korean ssam (lettuce wrap) but with a mexican ceviche fillings.

Burnt nasu with crab & crispy shrimp was next. Although I’m not an eggplant lover, I still enjoyed this dish due to the way it was cooked. The eggplant remained rather firm and not too soft. The mushy texture was the main reason why I didn’t like eggplants. The crispy and crunch shrimp bites also added contrast to the gluey texture of the eggplant.

Homemade black miso tofu, daikon & ginger salad with japanese dressing was less of a wow. We somehow didn’t liked the tofu nor the dressing.

Ding Dong_02

We were pleased with our final cold plate of Asian wagyu beef tartare with homemade chili sauce & pickled vegetables, which even came with papadum. It was richly flavoured and exudes flavours of Thai cuisine.

For mains we had The Ding Dong blue lobster bao with hoisin, cucumber & crispy shallots and Asam pedas salt water barramundi with okra & baby eggplant. In the re-creation of the classic Hokkien dish of “Kong Bak Pau”, the braised pork belly was replaced with lobster flesh. As the flesh is a lot leaner than pork, the ratio of bun to ingredients was somehow affected.

The asam fish was well-executed in my opinion cos the asam ratio seemed to be moderated for european tastebud. I typically don’t like too strong asam taste in my food. The fish and the tartare were the top 2 items of the meal!

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