Hyde & Co.

Having zoomed by Hyde & Co. on North Bridge Road countless times, I didn’t realised that it is a cafe till I walked passed on foot. Judging from the signage hung at the facade I used to think that it was some English/European styled bicycle shop. Probably due to the font used and the “& Co.” naming convention.

The white-coloured theme was refreshing and the walls were decorated with simple framed pictures. I read that the cafe was English-inspired, but I guess that was due to the use of pretty Bone China to serve their tea. Other than that, the other dishes were served in minimalist-styled plates.

We tried the Pulled Pork Man Tou Slow cooked pulled in homemade bbq sauce and slaw which tasted way too sweet. We had asked for dessert to be served together with our meal, hence I can testify that this dish tasted sweeter than the dessert…

Hyde & Co_01

My main was The Big Ben (Smoked Salmon) Roasted muffins with mushroom jam, poached eggs, mesclun salad, roasted potatoes and creamy hollandaise. from the [H] recommendation list. At $21, the big ben sure seemed pretty costly. I couldn’t fathom how the ingredients justify for such a pricing…I even pried the muffins to check on the mushroom jam, which seemed to have a hint of truffle?

Butterscotch Popcorn was the other item from the [H] recommendation list and didn’t really impress me. The popcorn wasn’t as crispy was we liked, the banana wasn’t caramelized (as I would expected it to be). While we value their attempt in creating something of a sweet-savoury combination, the overall execution fell short in expectation.

Hyde & Co_02

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