Ronin Cafe

Woke up late to a hazy Sunday, its a rare chance for me to enjoy Brunch and decided to drop-by Ronin Cafe at Hong Kong Street.

Although the cafe was said to be opened by the same people behind The Plain and The Bravery, each of them have a different style/theme. Ronin Cafe is decked out in modern industrial styled decor, the space featured black steel, dark wood and concrete walls. However the lighting might been too dim for my liking, the orangy tungsten lighting made me feel sleepy…

We ordered a Brioche French Toast with braised apple, bacon, hazelnut butter & syrup which was very filling. The bacon was particularly good and the toast was thick and fluffy.

My favourite item was the decadent Salted Caramel Brownie found on the display cabinet. The sweet chocolatey brownie was balanced with the tasty salted caramel, making it an indulgent treat. The Banana walnut cake was nice but not as impressive as the brownie.

Matcha lovers would instantly fall in love with the Matcha-tone as it had me scraping the thick matcha paste off the base of the cup… Coffee lovers wouldn’t be disappointed with their Iced Coffee which was rich and thick.

I didn’t try one of their highly-raved about drink – Wicked Mocha, which is a minted mocha drink. But I will recommend one of my Jie-mei who liked mint to try it out.

Ronin Cafe_01

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