Sum Yi Tai

I’m quite a fan of having Chinese food with cocktails. There are many options for Tapas Bars in Singapore but there are occassions whereby I have cravings for Chinese food yet also wanted a drink. Had to try Sum Yi Tai when I read about their concept of a Chinese Tapas Bar.

Although they are housed in a 3-storey shophouse, the place is divided into 3 sections. First floor for the tapas, second floor for dining and roof-top bar whereby access is via invite/reservation-only. The only table available on the ground floor was unfortunately one which was right next to a bright red chinese signage. Initially we agreed to take the last available table but decided to request to move elsewhere within 5 mins as the lighting was simply too glaring for us. Hence we ended up at the bar counter.

Ordered the Chinese Mojito Rum, chrysanthemums, mint & lemons and 1980’s Nostalgia Whisky, frangelico liqueur, calamansi. It is easy to tell which is which from the photos as you can see the cute old-school biscuits with the drink served in the enamel mug.

Sum Yi Tai_01

Foodwise we had the Sum Yi Tai’s Signature XO Carrot Cake which was slightly smokey and flavoursome, though it was a tad oily. This was the best dish for our meal as the rest where quite ordinary…

Wanted to order the Maple Honey Glazed Char Siew but was sold out and we only had the Crispy Roast Pork with Chili Oil Dip. The Bei Fung Tong Crispy Soft Shell Crab was a recommended dish as indicated on the menu. It was nice but nothing to rave about. The last dish was the Jumbo Head King Prawn which was served with tung hoon in a claypot. As tung hoon are usually quite plain, it usually depends on the broth used to bring out the taste. In this instance, the broth used wasn’t flavoursome enough, although the prawns were quite big and relatively fresh.

Sum Yi Tai_02

For the price I paid to have meal and drinks here, I think I could get better quality food and ambience in other establishments with similar Chinese food cum bar concept.

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