Fillets, Bangkok

Helloooo Bangkok~ My first meal after touching down is at Fillets, Bangkok. Somehow 2 years ago when I last visited Bangkok, Japanese restaurants aren’t thriving as the scene is now. Seems like in the last few years, there was an exponential increase in number of quality and established Japanese restaurants in Bangkok. Apparently they are home to one of the largest populations of Japanese citizens outside of Japan.

Fillets is a modern Japanese restaurant which serves sushi, steaks and cocktails. Didn’t manage to find much information about the menu on internet, only ordered dishes based on gut feel. Initially the staff brought a paper English menu, but later passed us an ipad version which came with beautiful pictures of the dishes.


From the photos, the Shifudo Seafood Bomb, Tobanjan Mayonaise, Tempura Crumbs, Ebiko & Brioche immediately drew our attention. Not only it looked good, it tasted wonderful as well. I think it cost about B250 (ard S$10) for this item and its really value-for-money, for the quality. The different textures piled on the seafood was heavenly – crunchy tempura crumbs, juicy & popping ebiko, creamy & spicy mayonaise, it all blends together into an enticing dish. I’ve not tasted anything similar in Singapore, this is something new and exciting.

Chose donburi for our main – Barachirashi (B790 = ard S$30) and Fillet Gyuniku Don (B1,250 = S$50) Wagyu rib eye (saga), Milky queen rice, Aged shoyu, Japanese mustard. Not cheap by BKK standards but they were really good. Especially the tender and juicy wagyu slices. It reminded me of Fat Cow in Singapore. Yes, its that good. =)

The barachirashi was also comparable to those of Sushi Jin and Aoki in Singapore.


Great start to my BKK getaway~

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    Thanks for your review

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