Kuang Heng Chicken Rice (Pratunam), Bangkok

After a morning of shopping at Chatuchak Market we were interrupted by a heavy downpour by late noon. We decided to call it a day and wanted to go for Kaiton Pratunam Chicken Rice (pink shirt) near Platinum Mall. Unfortunately the rain coupled with traffic jam resulted in us reaching the shop only to see the staff all having their lunch break already. Meaning we could have just missed the last order by a whisker…

We recalled there was another chicken rice stall nearby and we went to try our luck. Found the stall Kuang Heng Chicken Rice (green shirt) a short walk away and they are still opened.

Kuang Heng Chicken Rice_01

Ordered Boiled Chicken for 2 person (B90 = S$3.50) and a Dried Fish Maw Soup (B50 = S$2). This is the first time I’m having fish maw soup in Thailand and was pleasantly surprised to see pig’s blood in it. I last ate it at least 2 decades ago as I think pig’s blood has been banned in Singapore for quite a while already. Missing the familiar taste~ For S$2, it is very much value-for-money.

As for the boiled chicken, honestly I prefer the pink shirt stall…The dark sauce dip here is not as savoury and the chicken is less tender. However it seems that this shop is more known for their Satays. B50 = S$2 for 10 pieces, very affordable! Didn’t get to try it cos too full to take anymore food…

Although I felt that the pink shirt stall suits my taste more, this green shirt stall also has its fair share of customers. Evidenced by the fully taken up tables at 3pm in the afternoon.

Updated my Pratunam area chicken rice stalls map with “Green shirt” stall. The “Pink Shirt” stall which I prefer is further away from Platinum mall.

Map to Pratunam Chicken Rice_powerpoint

Kuang Heng Chicken Rice
930, Phetchaburi Road

Other Photos: Visited Asiatique the night before. A nice free shuttle ferry ride from Saphan Taksin pier, but sadly I find Asiatique too commercialised and nothing special to buy.


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