Pierre Hermé Paris-Thailand, Bangkok

Macaron craze is in Bangkok and renowned Parisian pastry chain Pierre Hermé Paris joined the party when they chose to open their first shop in Southeast Asia in Bangkok this year.

After visiting Karmakamet Diners, we walked over to the newly opened Emquartier nearby to pick up some delightful snacks.

Singapore had its fair share of macaron craze when Laduree came to our shores. However the other powerhouse of the quintessentially french pastry didn’t set-up store here. So Bangkok is probably the nearest city we could get our hands on the legendary macarons.

Piere Herme_01

They are available in box of 7 or 12, with total of 19 or 22 (can’t remember) flavours to choose from. Box of 7 cost B980 = S$39 while box of 12 cost B1,580 = S$62 as expected it is cheaper to buy the large box. However bearing in mind that these delicate pastry has to be eaten fresh, we opted for the smaller box.

Had a hard time shortlisting which flavours to get but managed to get some help from the staff. So we got the classic flavours of CaramelChocolatePistachio and Rose,  Yasamine (Jasmine, mango & candied grapefruit), along with 2 from macaron veloutés: Ispahan (yogurt & rose, lychee, raspberry), Banane (yogurt & banana).

The macarons were crisp on the outside but soft and chewy inside. A perfect combination of different textures in a bite! They not only looked pretty, taste great, they also exudes a nice aroma when eaten.

Although both are good, the Pierre Hermé ones are slightly more chewy and softer than Laduree ones. I certainly adore the Pierre Hermé macarons more than the Laduree ones.

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