Thai Snacks & Food from Bangkok (Part 1)

Visit to Big C and other supermarkets (even 7-eleven/FamilyMart) is a must on my shopping itinerary. Big C not only carry a large variety of snacks, they also have some local products, all in affordable pricing. Although some of the products are also available in Singapore, it is definitely cheaper to grab them in Thailand~

Some of the products which I bought and tried on this trip included:

  • Mama Cup Shrimp Tom Yum – Actually taste similar to Nissin Cup Tom Yum, but the Nissin one has more ingredients such as the seafood bits, while this one doesn’t have such luxury. Some folks bought the packet ones instead, I purchased the cup noodles just to try the flavour. But decided it was not tasty enough for me to buy the packet ones.
  • Mama Cup Minced Pork Flavour – This is also available in packet version, guess some folks liked this cos it has a packet of fragrant lard oil as flavouring. Overall it tasted pretty savoury.
  • Pretz Larb Flavour – Too salty for my liking…I preferred the Tom Yum flavour. Both flavours are now available in Singapore.

Thai Snacks_01

  •  Pocky Blueberry Taste – Also available in Singapore, just cheaper in Thailand. Quite nice cos of the chunky bits.
  • Milk Tablets – Bought 2 types from different brand and different flavours. Very milky taste for the original flavour. For the chocolate flavour, it kinda taste like the Ovaltine sweets I used to eat when young~ Not sure if Ovaltine sweets are still available in Singapore?
  • Nestea Thai Milk Tea – Its very sweet but very Thai Milk Tea taste. Instantly transports me to Thailand~

Thai Snacks_05

Also bought Brand’s Birds Nest – Buy if you got spare luggage weight allowance. Regular price at NTUC is S$49.90 (without promotion) vs Thailand’s S$33-34. However I saw that when there’s occassional discount at supermarts in Singapore, it can go down to around $35. Collagen is also slightly cheaper in Thailand but saving is not as significant as Bird’s Nest.

Thai Snacks_07

My final purchase at the Airport turned out to be quite tasty too. In the past I usually buy the pork floss rolls from supermart, but this rice cracker version is also very nice! The sesame seed version was more aromatic than the pork floss one.

Thai Snacks_08

Other favourites which made into my regular purchase list:

  • Bento Squid Seafood Snack – Red packaging ones are really spicy.
  • Koh-Kae Wasabi coated nuts – Available in Singapore too, but cheaper in Thailand.

Thai Snacks_04

  • Tao Kae Noi Big Sheet Seaweed (pictured) – though I prefer the crispier and bigger sheets in Big Bag which I still have stock, so didn’t buy the Big Bag version on this trip
  • Tao Kae Noi Tempura Seaweed Occasionally found in Singapore marts, but seems pretty rare and not readily available. This one has a cracker stuck with a piece of seaweed. Fragrant and crunchy.

Thai Snacks_06

Finally the desserts found at Chatuchak Market

(1) Mango Sticky Rice Freshly cut mango and nice warm glutinous rice. More importantly its so much cheaper and tastier here! This one is approx. S$2.

Thai Snacks_03

(2) Coconut Ice Cream with Buffet Toppings. Add all-you-can pile toppings. It’s cooling and refreshing to enjoy this in the hot Chatuchak market.

Thai Snacks_02

That’s All Folks! This is the final post on my BKK trip~

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