Dazzling Cafe, Singapore [Relocated]

Dazzling Cafe Singapore outlet opened with much fanfare as many locals have visited their original branch in Taiwan. However it was also noted that there had been hits & misses with some folks commenting that the quality here is not comparable to the ones in origin country.

In hopes that they would have ironed out the teething problems since it has been quite a while after they launched the eatery, we visited Dazzling Cafe on a weekday afternoon with not much expectations.

We sat at the area which happened to be exposed to the skylight ceiling and felt slightly “baked” by the sun. Although the natural lighting certainly made the food looked better.

I had the Creme Brulee Latte which came in a relatively huge cup and had a layer of hard caramel topping. Incredibly 4 of us (ladies) shared a 3-course meal of: Caesar salad with Chicken, Mentaiko Spaghetti in Cream Sauce and Hazelnut Chocolate Honey Toast. All of us are somewhat on diet? =)

Dazzling Cafe Singapore_01

The salad was pretty standard, with a relatively large piece of chicken instead of the shredded type. The pasta was pretty good, creamy and rich sauce with savoury mentaiko. The toast looked gorgeous and tasted fabulous. The staff demonstrated how to “dissect” the toast for eating, first by taking one cube of toast (hidden under the uppermost tier) before swapping a spoonful of the ice cream on it and topping it with a piece of strawberry. As you can see, the toast here have been sliced before stacking up into a 3 tier tower. They hollowed out the internal section and cut the bread into smaller cubes before toasting.  Therefore each cube turns out crusty and doesn’t turn soggy quickly after pairing it with the ice cream.

Overall, the experience turned out better than our expectations. Other than a slightly long waiting time for that cup of Royal Milk Tea…

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