Koji Sushi Bar

Had always wanted to try the Omakase dinner at Koji Sushi Bar but didn’t put in the effort to make advanced booking. Had been postponing the visit so much that I decided to just drop by for a normal meal instead, at least try their sushi and don first.

The shop space is pretty compact, with a long open-kitchen in the centre and surrounded with counter seats. Shortly after being seated, I was secretly gleaming that I was glad I’m not here for omakase…I’ll probably suffer backache from sitting on the high stools for too long…

The counter seat concept probably works for the lunch crowd in this area whereby people can grab a quick meal and the shop can also benefit from quick turnaround time.

Ordered the Beancurd with Century Egg which was served in a small coffee cup. It was silky smooth and savoury. Great starter.

There were 4 options of Sushi Set to choose from, each comes with choice of soup or salad. It was also recommended to have 2 sets of the sushi set for a full meal as the sushi are served in small portions.We opted for Sushi Set A Sea bream, swordfish, tuna, sweet prawn and salmon.

Koji Sushi Bar_01

Also had a Sashimi Rice Bowl with Uni served with Soup and Salad. They even have white rice or brown rice option for their Donburi. Although they were pretty generous in terms of portion of sashimi topping the rice, I felt the ingredients were slightly dry. Would be better if its a tad more succulent.

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