Long Chim by David Thompson

Took the opportunity of Restaurant Week to try David Thompson’s outpost in Singapore – Long Chim. Comparing the price of a full degustation menu at Nahm in Bangkok, the same budget can only let one enjoy a modest 3-4 course meal at the Long Chim eatery in Singapore. And this eatery is positioned as offering a taste of Thai Street Food…

Long Chim_01

Started our 3-course meal with drinks – Wings of Kinari Encanto pisco, hibiscus, lemon, rose water and peach bitters and Khing Royal Ginger infused west winds gin, suze aperitif, bianco, peach & honey. I liked my Wings of Kinari which was a sweet and girly drink.

As they were serving a mystery menu for Restaurant Week, we only got to know the options upon seated. Presented with the 3-course menu with 2-3 options under each category. From the starters we chose the beef skewers and dried prawns with ginger and toasted coconut. I was quite taken aback by the portion served…looked like bite-sized…Wasn’t impressed by the overly salty and not-so-tender skewers, but loved the other starter. The taste was robust and rich with fragrant spices.

Long Chim_02

For mains we chose the rice noodles charred with beef, onions and thai basil and sour orange curry with snakehead fish and water mimosa. Having had the legendary drunken noodles at Raan Jay Fai in Thailand’s Capital city, we were looking forward to the charred noodles served here. It certainly looked the part when we first saw it served, but it turned out too salty, overly-smoky and the rice noodles used were the flatter ones like “hor-fun” so it wasn’t that chewy. Thankfully the sour orange curry made up for it and the curry suited our tastes. My only feedback? There were only 3 pieces of fish meat…

Long Chim_03

Lastly we had the black sticky rice, pandanus noodles and durian ice-cream with sesame wafer. The durian ice-cream had to be the most attractive looking and fragrant dish for the night. The pungent durian smell perfumed the table once it was served and the durian paired well with the sesame wafer. Black sticky rice ingredients and taste felt like I’m eating Chendol.

Long Chim_04

Well the food wasn’t bad, if I had known that for $55++ per pax, these are the items being served, I would probably have skipped coming here… Went to check out their normal set dinner menu and noted that it is priced at $89/99++, hence I must say there is some savings to take up Restaurant Week’s offer.  For their ala carte menu, it was stated the that dishes ranged between $18-35. But I would rather save my money to spend it on trip to Bangkok…

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